We are temporarily closing

Due to ongoing technical issues and supply delays we will be closing our shop for the time being. 

We apologies for delays and to some of our customers who have not received order updates. We’ve had to adapt quickly due to rotating staff and we’ve simple dropped the ball in some areas 😔

Thank you all for giving us a try. We hope to see you in the best future once we are back up and running. All payments are automatically being refunded at 100% of spend.

Happy new year to you all wishing you a all a great year 🙏🏾

Sustainable and affordable!

We wanted two things, an affordable natural line of afro hair care products and a brand that cares about the environment's  sustainability. We didn't find that brand, so we created it. 


The coconut vinegar conditioner is everything!, my hair always feels soft and hydrated whenever I use it


The slippage the leave-in moisturising has is unlike anything I've ever used before, my hair literally feels instantly softer and moisturised