Due to on going shortages caused by Covid our products may look slightly different as we are using new suppliers. Our products are still vegan and natural.

Our Story

I started my natural hair journey in 2016, and quickly learnt once I had gone ahead and big chopped that I knew NOTHING! About taking care of my natural hair.


I had been relaxing my hair my whole life and had always associated my chemically straightened hair with ‘health’ and my so called ‘nappy’ hair with ‘unmanageable’.


Because of my complete cluelessness I realised I needed to take the time to get it wrong and ultimately learn how to take care of my hair. I also had to come to terms with the fact that it would be a LOOONNNGG process (this is after 2 more relaxers and 3 more big chops).


But most importantly, I realised that I needed to be emotionally ready to embark on that process and relearn the basics about my hair.


Fast forward to today, I have completely emerged myself in my natural hair process. Learning everything about the different oils and moisturisers that work well on Afro hair.


Tired with all the plastic waste attached to taking care of my curls, I started to create more and more of my own natural hair concoctions, that I stored in glass jars in order to avoid additional plastic waste, because although a lot of the hair products I bought came in recyclable plastics most dark plastics that are used for caps and nozzles are NOT recyclable, and I live by the philosophy of preventing the problem before finding a cure.


Looking at the current market, I knew it was time to introduce a sustainable line of natural hair products, because I know that if you want people to make better choice, you must first make that choice easily available. So, with a little blind faith I launched Innocent Hair Care and introduced the first sustainable Afro hair care to the market.

Leida - Founder